Author Bio

Karen CollierKaren Collier is an author of Christian Fiction, a.k.a. Inspirational Fiction, with an emphasis on Romance. She is also a librarian with experience in coordinating and leading book discussion groups and offering readers’ advisory recommendations, among other librarian-ish things.  She enjoys blogging, tweeting (@karencollier), and speaking at the intersection of these identities.

Karen lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with her husband Dave and two young children, and calls Hope Fellowship in Chestertown, MD her church home.  Her hobbies and interests include:

  • Reading. You’re shocked, undoubtedly. Seriously, an author and librarian who likes to read?  Karen’s tastes in reading are pretty eclectic, running the gamut from romance, suspense, and science fiction to the highbrow literary stuff.
  • Photography. Once upon a time, someone paid Karen to photograph a wedding, and she had so much fun she’d do it again in a heartbeat if she could afford the equipment to do it right! Meanwhile, she enjoys experimenting with cool photo capturing and editing techniques in her spare time.
  • Gardening. Except for the weeding part.
  • and Web design. Karen got hooked in high school, back when Web sites were simple Web 1.0 creations hand coded in HTML. Over the years, she has enjoyed expanding her skills into the Web 2.0 and social networking realms.

While Karen is still in the “unpublished” or “aspiring” category of authors, she is actively working to build a following among readers of Christian fiction, as she continues to write and seek publication. She looks forward to the day she can announce an upcoming release date for her debut novel. More information about her writing philosophy and specific projects appears on the “What I Write” and “My Books” links.