Writing Update: Preparing to Attend the ACFW Conference

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! Mine was busy but fun. I got to spend some time shopping without children in tow (a rare occurrence for me) and found some great deals on professional attire and a gown for the conference I’m attending in a little over a week. Yay!

Did I mention I’m attending the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) Conference this year? I am, and I’m excited about it!

(Technically I also mentioned that, among other things, in an interview over at the Books and Beverages blog last week. If you missed it, here’s the link where you can check out that interview.)

For anyone unfamiliar with writer’s conferences, you may be wondering why I’m so excited. This is an opportunity for me to:

  • learn more about the craft and business of writing from authors and publishing professionals.
  • network with others in the industry, and meet people face to face that I’ve only ever met online.
  • meet with literary agents to discuss my novel, and hopefully connect with an agent who loves the premise and writing enough to want to represent me.
  • shop for a lovely new evening gown to wear to the awards gala. Hey, I didn’t say all my reasons for excitement were equally compelling. 😉

This is my first writing conference, which I guess makes it extra exciting. Or maybe just extra nerve-wracking? Anyway, I’ve been busy preparing myself by reading up on what to expect, designing and printing business cards, creating a “one sheet” to introduce my novel and myself in… one sheet, and putting together a “proposal” with basically everything an agent or editor might want to know about my novel and me along with some sample chapters.

Whee! I’ve still got work to do before my flight departs, but I’m making good progress and looking forward to the conference. Here’s a preview of my new business cards to serve as proof that I really am making progress. 😉


So, how was your Labor Day weekend? And for my fellow writers out there, are you attending the ACFW Conference this year? Do you have any tips for first-timers like me?

4 thoughts on “Writing Update: Preparing to Attend the ACFW Conference

  1. I’m so jealous that so many fun folks are going to be at the conference! One day, I just know it, they’ll have something for bloggers and then I’ll go :). Dallas is soooo close to Austin too! Anyway, have a blast!!

    1. Thanks Jamie! You know, if you went you could probably get a bunch of fun video interviews for your YouTube channel. And it’s scheduled to be held near Dallas again in 2017. Just saying, you totally have an excuse to go anyway. 😉 But yeah, offering something at the conference specifically for bloggers would be really cool.

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