Book Review: The Ryn by Serena Chase

If you were here yesterday, you know that I’m calling this week “E’veria Week” here on my blog after the YA Fantasy series, Eyes of E’veria by Serena Chase. I’m kicking off this week’s E’veria themed posts by sharing my review of The Ryn (Book 1 in the series). I actually wrote this review way back in November of 2014, when I first read the book, but I figured with Book 4 coming late this summer, now would be a great time to share this review and others in the series with you. Because if you haven’t read these books yet, you’ll be wanting to get all caught up in time to dive into The Sunken Realm when it releases.

Title: The Ryn
Author: Serena Chase
Published: March 2013 by Candent Gate Press
Genre: Christian Fiction, Fantasy, YA
Series: Eyes of E’veria, Book 1

As I finish reading The Ryn, I find that it’s a challenge to force myself to make notes on my thoughts about it, because I’d much rather dive immediately into reading Book 2, The Remedy.  But I’m forcing myself to do just that, because this is such a good book I don’t want to forget any of the lovely things I want to say about it.

Just like Aslan of Narnia, Embral e’ Veria / The First King / Loeftryn de Rynloeft is a clear picture of God, and to see Rynnaia coming to know Him on a personal level and place her trust in Him was both beautiful and powerful.  I loved how the author incorporated concepts and promises based closely on scripture and shared them with Rynnaia personally.  Wow!  What a great reminder of God’s love for each of us!

The story world was well developed and I loved seeing how the nation’s history shaped its peoples in entirely plausible ways.  Like with Tolkien’s work, language plays a significant role, and the way things are named and their origins in the ancient language seem very well planned and consistent.  While this story is clearly in the tradition of other works of fantasy, I was impressed to find that the peoples and their history were new, fresh, and exquisitely detailed, not just a rehashing of elves, dwarves, and the like.

I loved the development of the romance between Rynnaia and Julien.  I felt it was tastefully done, yet oh so swoon-worthy.  The friendship, the dedication, the trust and reliance upon each other, the development of feelings beyond the scope of friendship, the love and longing and fear that feelings might not be reciprocated…. Let’s just say it was all so vividly portrayed and accurately rendered, I found myself totally swept up in their story.

This is a polished tale and it’s clear to see that the author has poured a lot of time and thought into her world, her characters, and their goals and motivations.  I found the ending satisfying in and of itself, as it wrapped up a chapter in the characters’ lives, though it also provided enough tantalizing glimpses into the challenges of the quest ahead that I simply cannot stop here.  In hindsight, I’m not sure why I waited as long as I did to read this book, but I can say that one good thing has come of the delay.  I can dive immediately into reading The Remedy… which is exactly what I’m about to do!

Full Disclosure: Yup, the author, Serena Chase is my blogging buddy over at the Edgy Inspirational Romance blog, so no, my review may not be totally unbiased, but I am doing my best to share my true and honest opinion of it.  Fortunately, that isn’t hard to do, since it really is that good! :)

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