Book Review: The Remedy by Serena Chase

I’ve been unofficially calling this week “E’veria Week” here on my blog because I’ve been posting about the YA Fantasy series Eyes of E’veria by Serena Chase. If you’re just tuning in, you may want to backtrack and start reading at the beginning of the week so you won’t miss my review of Book 1 or my preview of what other fun E’veria themed posts are coming this week.

Today, I’m sharing my review of The Remedy, Book 2 in the Eyes of E’veria series. I read this book as quickly as I could after finishing Book 1 (as in started reading that same day) because I had to know what happened next. I wrote my review back in December of 2014 and then tucked it away to share with you now. Kind of like a book review time capsule. Or something. Anyway….

Title: The Remedy
Author: Serena Chase
Published: April 2013 by Candent Gate Press
Genre: Christian Fiction, Fantasy, YA
Series: Eyes of E’veria, Book 2

The Remedy begins more or less where The Ryn leaves off, as our beloved heroine Rynnaia is about to embark on an epic quest, the importance of which has already been well established in Book One.  She must fulfill a prophecy long foretold to save her people from a great evil.  The prophecy gives step by step guidance but its poetry takes the form of riddles more often than not.  She must rely on The First and on help from her small group of companions to decode those riddles and overcome the dangers and obstacles she faces along the way.

The Remedy features sigh-worthy romance, action, adventure, and mystery, as well as gowns and festivities fit for a princess.  But I think the part that impressed me most was the way faith plays an integral role in the outcome of the story, without ever becoming forced or preachy.  I really liked seeing the multiple instances where Rynnaia and her companions had no choice but to trust that their needs would be provided for, without any clue how that might be.

I said it before, in my review of The Ryn, but it bears repeating.  I love this story world.  The people, the language, the politics, the friendships and adversaries, and most of all the faith, love, courage, and trust required to face challenges that seem at times insurmountable… it all seems so real and so relevant to our own world.

In short, I am happy to say that The Remedy delivers exactly the kind of marvelous storytelling promised by The Ryn.  It gives a satisfying – no, not so much satisfying as delightful – conclusion to Rynnaia and Julien’s tale, tying up lots of loose ends along the way.  At the same time, it lays the groundwork for the next tale in the series, featuring a new… yet familiar leading man and leading lady.  I’m seriously looking forward to reading The Seahorse Legacy soon!

Full Disclosure: Yup, the author, Serena Chase is my blogging buddy over at the Edgy Inspirational Romance blog, so no, my review may not be totally unbiased, but I am doing my best to share my true and honest opinion of it.  Fortunately, that isn’t hard to do, since it really is that good! :)

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