Book Review: The Seahorse Legacy by Serena Chase

It’s “E’veria Week” here on the blog with reviews, interviews, and a cover reveal. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this post to get up to speed. (Or, in short, I’m blogging on a theme this week – the Eyes of E’veria YA Fantasy series by Serena Chase.) Today’s post is my review of Book 3 – The Seahorse Legacy. I wrote this review back in February, and have been eagerly awaiting the next in the series since then. Super excited to hear it’s scheduled to come out in late summer!

Seahorse_LegacyTitle: The Seahorse Legacy
Author: Serena Chase
Published: May 2014 by Candent Gate Press
Genre: Christian Fiction, Fantasy, YA
Series: Eyes of E’veria, Book 3

Wow!  Serena Chase has done it again!  Now that I’ve finished reading the first part of Cazien and Erielle’s story, as told in The Seahorse Legacy, I simply can’t wait for its conclusion.  Except that unlike when I read the start of Rynnaia and Julien’s story in The Ryn with my copy of The Remedy already in hand, this time, the conclusion to be found in The Sunken Realm is not yet available and I’ll have no choice but to wait.  Argh!  The piratey torture!  😉

So what’s to love about this latest installment in The Eyes of E’veria series?  So much.

First off, our lead characters Erielle de Gladiel and Cazien de Pollis are individually awesome.  Our heroine is the spunky dagger-wielding Oracle’s Daughter who played a secondary role in The Ryn and The Remedy, and has been commissioned as the first female knight in E’verian history – a lifelong dream come true.  So cool!  And our hero?  How to put this?  Cazien is a charming piratey (love Erielle’s word choice there) good guy, with… decidedly unorthodox methods.  He’s also a thoroughly swoon-worthy hero, who wants to fulfill the obligations placed upon him as Seahorse Heir and to do right by his heroine.  Even if he doesn’t love her.  Yet.

While hero and heroine spend relatively few pages in close proximity in this story, it’s clear from the get-go that they’re inextricably linked, and that they are in fact a perfect match for each other.  There’s their shared love for the sea, their passion for justice, and of course their romantic chemistry… even if there’s also a fair amount of verbal sparring.  But hey, that definitely keeps things interesting!

This book has its share of sigh-worthy romantic moments, as well as some touching emotional moments that really tugged at my heart-strings.  Love, love, love the scene with the sea-horses, not to mention the bit where Cazien gets to play hero in the truest sense of the word.  And I cannot wait to see where the next book will be taking these beloved characters.

Before I sign off on this review and go plead with Serena for an advance copy of The Sunken Realm, I want to take a moment to comment on theme, because one of the things I’ve loved most about this series so far is the way each book has been thematically rich in its own unique way.  If the theme of The Ryn was finding God (or Rynloeft), and the theme of The Remedy was trusting God, then I think the theme of The Seahorse Legacy would have to be surrendering to God’s plan.  I love the way this book addresses that theme. So beautiful it brought me to tears.

Highly recommended for anyone who loves romance, pirates, adventure, fantasy, fairytales, or… well, really pretty much anyone.  Unless you don’t like to read.  In which case, what are you doing here anyway?  😉  But seriously, if you haven’t read this series, what are you waiting for?  Go start with The Ryn and work your way through to this one, and if you’re lucky, maybe The Sunken Realm will be ready for you by the time you’re ready for it.

Full Disclosure: Yup, the author, Serena Chase is my blogging buddy over at the Edgy Inspirational Romance blog, so no, my review may not be totally unbiased, but I am doing my best to share my true and honest opinion of it.  Fortunately, that isn’t hard to do, since it really is that good! :)

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